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Hello! We are a media studio primarily focused on the creation of video games.

This site is currently under construction, but feel free to take a look at what we have set up for the time being.

Company Vision

Talented and original story-writing will be put to work in a unique way. Many game plots take very generalized and obvious twists. We wish to focus on tearing away from this "the story is good enough" mindset that is always present; ultimately we strive to create a world, atmosphere, and series of event twists unlike any other. At all costs we plan on avoiding mutilating repeats of games; that means no sequels, unless the series truly has the momentum to propel it forward while keeping its focus and feel intact! This keeps games fresh and invigorating, rather than just "milking" a series.

The graphical beauty of our games will be at the same level as many existing game studios around the world. This can mainly be attributed to the work we will put into engines themselves and our personal skills involving this industry. We will be astute in our attention to world and character detail; it is necessary in order to create a believable atmosphere.

Profit is not the focus of our studio, our output is! Therefore we are not afraid to put imaginative ideas to the test and stress our creativity to the limits. We will not let financial reasons restrain us from producing games that truly amaze the player. That being said, we will not over-price or inflate our personal gains solely for the purpose of increasing profits, keeping games both astounding and affordable to many.